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Secure Your WordPress

Around the world and here in Australia, more and more WordPress based web sites are getting hacked and compromised. This often results in sites being defaced and/or malicious software being installed to send SPAM or …

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Thinking about the Cloud?

Despite what many cloud services vendors will say, going cloud is not always the answer to your computing needs…

All vendors will tout “reduced I.T. overheads and licensing costs” and “no more worries about backups and in-house file …

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Locating Hidden SPAM Scripts

Locating SPAM Scripts on cPanel + EXIM mail server

We host hundreds of web sites, both for our clients, as well as for other web masters and DIY site owners.

Every once and awhile someone manages to get …

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Tech Support: Strange Behaviour

We recently had a laptop come in that was severely infected with malware and browser hijackers.  After cleaning off all the rogue software, the web browsers (Internet Explorer / Chrome / Firefox) could not load web …

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Mission Critical Backups

Having a backup copy of all your data stored securely is important, though that is not the only thing to consider when designing a mission critical backup solution.

How quickly one can restore systems from backups …

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