WordPress Security Audit



Un-maintainted WordPress based web sites are insecure and often vulnerable to hackers.  Every month the number of compromised WordPress web sites increases and is a major problem for site owners and hosting providers alike.

Cyanweb offer a WordPress Security Audit service in which we inspect, update and configure your web site software, securing your WordPress site.

We provide monthly scheduled or on-demand security inspection services.

Has your WordPress site already been hacked?
Don’t worry, we can help recover and secure your site and data.  It is important to know that if your web site has ever been compromised, available “security plug-ins” are not enough.

Hackers often hide “backdoor files” in your WordPress installation that they use to re-hack a compromised web site at a later date. These “backdoors” are often undetectable by security ‘plugins’.

In our experience, without a full forensic inspection by a human there is a very high chance that your site will be re-compromised in future.  Generally the hackers will wait a month or more before coming back to the site.

Hacker groups usually keep logs of all infected sites + backdoors which they sell on the black market.  These backdoors are regularly “checked” but not used until a buyer is found.

A detailed forensic investigation and audit after a site has been hacked is always needed unless you plan to re-build your site from scratch and not use any of the old site data.

Our WordPress Security Audit service comes with a 90 day guarantee: if your WordPress site is compromised in any way within 90 days of our audit, we will investigate, clean and detail any findings at no additional cost to you.

If your WordPress web site has been hacked, or you would like us to do a detailed Security Audit on your site please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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