Privacy Policy


Collection of Your Personal Information
The types of information collected by Cyanweb Solutions Pty Ltd may include your name, address, telephone number, fax number and email address. Personal information may be collected as follows:

When you make a service or support enquiry
When you engage us to provide a service or advice to you
When you negotiate with us in respect of purchasing products or services
When you provide your details to us or we collect your business card
When you visit our website and complete an online enquiry or send an email message to us
Any other collection of or incidental or directly or indirectly related to the services we may provide to you

Through our website, we can only obtain such information if you send an e-mail message or complete an on-line enquiry form.

When you visit our website, we may make a record of your visit. The following information may be logged for statistical purposes:

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address
The date and time of your visit to the site
The pages you have accessed and documents downloaded: and
The type of browser you were using

Use & Disclosure of Personal Information
Any Personal Information that we collect will be used and disclosed by us so that we can provide you with the services that you have requested or otherwise to enable us to carry out our services.

You specifically authorise that the following disclosures of your Personal Information may be made by us:

Disclosures of or incidental to promotion and marketing of you of our services and / or seeking potential clients.
Disclosures to third party consultants who may from time to time manage our database, accounts or computer systems.
Disclosures as required by law or as permitted by the Act.
Any other Disclosure of or incidental to our carrying out our functions as professional Information Retrieval service providers.
Keeping a register of clients and prospective clients.
Making credit checks or reports.
Provision of information to those who provide services to us as part of the administration of our business.
At any stage negotiation of a sale of our business or part thereof.

Personal information provided by you is stored securely by Cyanweb Solutions Pty Ltd. If the information is not sensitive information and the use of the information is for the secondary purpose of direct marketing:

In each direct marketing communication with the individual, the organisation draws to the individual’s attention and displays a notice that he or she may express a wish not to receive any further direct marketing communications; and
Each written direct marketing communication by the organisation with the individual (up to and including the communication that involves the use) sets out the organisation’s business address and telephone number.

The initial supply of, ongoing record of, and permitted use of your private information is at your discretion except where those details are required to be kept and/or disclosed by law. You may update, alter or delete your information at anytime and without penalty except where those details are required to be kept and/or disclosed by law. If certain information however is not provided, we as agent may not be able to effectively act on your behalf.

Opt Out / Amend Procedure
In each e-mail or marketing newsletter that you receive from us, we will endeavour to attach simple instructions on how you can immediately unsubscribe from our mailing list. In any event, you can opt out from receiving promotional material by contacting our Privacy Officer and asking to be removed from the mailing list in person or via fax, mail or email. Our contact details are set out below. There is no fee due to us for any such deletion. The initial supply of, ongoing record of, and permitted use of your private information is at your discretion.

Access to Your Personal Information
Our Privacy Officer will ensure that your Personal Information is accurate, complete and up-to-date.
If you wish to view the Personal Information we hold about you, please contact our Privacy Officer in person, mail or email as detailed on our company contact page.

Cyanweb Solutions Pty Ltd uses all reasonable endeavours to secure any Personal Information that we hold about you and to keep this information accurate and up-to-date. Your Personal Information is stored behind industry standard firewalls and where applicable, protected by user names and passwords.

In addition, our company would like to clearly alert you to the fact that although it is our intention to protect your privacy at all times there is always a possibility that our firewalls, virus scanning and other security systems may be breached or bypassed and be unable to protect our computer system from corruption via viruses and/or hackers which may result in the unauthorised access to and distribution of personal details from our database. We will not assume liability for breaches of this nature beyond our control.

We reserve the right to alter our privacy policy from time to time, and these changes will be made available for your inspection at

If you believe that your privacy has been breached, please contact us immediately.