Active Webmaster Services.


Having a web site is no longer a “get and forget” marketing tool. The Internet landscape is always changing. New technologies and existing methodologies are always improving. Google requirements are always being updated and Google site reports and recommendations need to be actioned.

An “active webmaster” is not only there to update your site content on a regular basis, but also to regularly review your site and vital statistics, checking site performance and providing suggestions for improvements when trends or technologies change.

The role of the modern “Active Webmaster” is vital to improving your site performance and conversion rates.

SEO keyword monitoring is also vital if you wish to know where you are listed on the various search engines for specific keyword phrases.

Service Includes:

  • Setup + Monitoring Google Webmaster Tools (Google reports on your site)
  • Setup + Monitoring of Google MyBusiness account (Google+ / Business Listing / Map Listing)
  • Setup + Monitoring of Google Analytics Data (Site statistics)
  • Checking & Improving Site Speed (Google likes fast sites)
  • Negative SEO link tracking and link disavowing (stop attacks by competitors trying to reduce your ranking)
  • SEO Keyword tracking so you will know where your site stands in the search engines (click here for additional SEO services)
  • Applying code and image optimisations to improve performance (Google likes clean / optimised code)
  • Actioning any Google problems found (mobile friendly pages / content problems) and applying any Google Recommendations
  • Analysing site usability and making improvements to code / structure / content as needed. (improvements to generate more enquiries / sales = increased conversion)
  • Client content update requests (add a product / change price / add a new service / add images)
  • Site security monitoring – vital if your site is running on WordPress or other CMS / Software system.
  • Monthly reporting of significant changes / updates / events

Access Requirements: site FTP + CMS admin access (WordPress / Joomla / site content manager access)

Cost: from $110 / month

If you have a web site, you should have an “active webmaster”.