Webmail Access


If you are having difficulty with your email software, are overseas, or need quick access to your email on any system – you can always login to your webmail to check and respond to email.

You can access web based email for your Cyanweb hosted accounts via https://yourdomin.com.au/webmail.

Replace yourdomain.com.au in the above URL with your email address domain name. E.g if your email address is me@mydomain.com.au – the domain is mydomain.com.au

This will redirect you to a secured encrypted login page.  Use your email address and password to access the web based email software.

If the above URL does not work, or if your web site is hosted on another 3rd party server then you may need to use a different “server hostname” address to access your email.

Please contact us during office hours for support if required.