WordPress Editor Basics


Using the Editor

The software page editor works much like a standard word processor. You must be using the Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers for full editor functionality. Mousing over the editor buttons will bring up a tool-tip box explaining what that button does.

One point to be aware of is how the “carriage return” or “enter” key works in most browsers:

1) Hitting “Enter” will create a new paragraph with a space above the line (double space)
2) Hitting “Shift + Enter” will create a new line below the current line (single space)

Bullet Points & Lists:
Hitting enter 2 times will end the bullet point list.

Formatting Text:
You can also use the FORMAT drop down box in the editor to change whether selected text is a Header or Paragraph. Header 1-3 are generally large / bold. Save and view the page to see the effects of changing headings.

Visual & Code Views

You can edit your page in visual or code view. Clicking the tabs in the editor will switch between views. Knowledge of HTML coding is a good skill to have, though is beyond the scope of these support pages. You can learn HTML from this great site.

NOTE: if you can not see the Visual code edit tab on your editor, in the top administration menu go to USERS > click YOUR PROFILE tab and make sure the VISUAL EDITOR is being used and click UPDATE PROFILE button to save.

Resizing the Editor Window

In the bottom right of the editor window you will see 3 lines pointing down and to the right. Simply mouse, over then click and drag the bottom right corner downward to expand the editor window.