Outgoing SMTP Setup – Microsoft Entourage on MAC OS X


SMTP outgoing mail server setup for Entourage on Apple MAC

1) Open Entourage – click the Entourage icon located in the Dock to start the program

2) Click on the Entourage menu – select Account Settings

3) Open the Account Settings window. On the Accounts Window select your e-mail account and click Edit.

4) This will open the Edit Account screen with all the configuration information for your account.

5) In the Sending Mail section change the SMTP Server to YOUR ISP MAILSERVER (eg mail.bigpond.com / mail.iinet.net.au / mail.westnet.com.au)

NOTE:  you can set it to ‘mail.yourdomain.com.au’ as per your incoming mailserver, though this is not recommended as some ISP’s block outgoing email to external servers.

6) Click the “Click here for advanced sending options” button.

7) On the Advanced sending options screen, enter these SMTP authentication settings as follows:

8 ) DO NOT Check the SMTP service requires secure connection (SSL) box unless instructed to by your provider.

9) Check the SMTP server requires authentication box.

10) Check the Log on using circle.

11 a) IF USING YOUR ISP SMTP OUTGOING MAILSERVER, in the Account ID box, type your ISP provided username / password

11 b) IF USING YOURDOMAIN mailserver for outgoing, in the Account ID box, enter your domain email username / password