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As businesses become more and more mobile, the need for secure document access and sharing over the web increases.

Cyanweb can provide office servers with remote VPN (virtual private networking) to allow team members to access your office network remotely and securely. Talk to us about your requirements and we will advise on a suitable solution.

If you do not need a complicated server / network Cyanweb have a simple, yet effective, online document storage solution:

After many years of development, our online document management solution has evolved into a robust and secure online document sharing and file management system.

Our solution features:

  • Software designed to meet ISO 17025 specifications in relation to document managment.
  • A 100% browser based system so it works no matter what type of computer you are running on
  • Perfect for secure sharing / managing documents over the web.
  • File upload and viewing with a “check-out / check-in” feature. This feature stops multiple users from overwriting each other’s changes to a specific document. If you need to share work files with others for editing, this “check-out / check-in” ability is a must
  • Department user grouping and document Category assignment.
  • Granular control over what departments and what individuals can view / access / check-out documents.
  • Full support for SSL Encryption – download and upload files securely over the web.
  • Full document revision history with revision logs
  • File name and description for ease of searching
  • Document search engine speeds locating documents
  • Filter document lists by author, department or document category
  • Sort document lists by name, date created / modified, department, check-out status, user and document type.
  • Deleted documents are stored in an Archive
  • Set users as department reviewers
  • Set whether documents must be reviewed before becoming available in the repository
  • Global and Individual file Revision / Expiration settings – set how many days before a document must be reviewed / or expires.
  • Custom designs for the application interface should you require it.

Typical Costs:

  • $660 setup + add company logo
  • $88 / hr for interface or software customisation (not required)
  • $132 / year for hosting, including 5GB of web based data storage with more space available as required
  • $110 / year for secure SSL certificate and dedicated IP address (not required)

This web based document sharing solution will provide your organisation with a feature rich online document management, versioning and archiving system with all of the above benefits.

Once set-up, there is very little maintenance and support required, saving you money in the long term.

Contact us to view our online demo – or visit our dedicated support area to learn more.

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