Managed Virtual Private Servers (VPS)



If a standard shared hosting account is not enough, or you require a custom server environment or configuration, our Managed VPS solutions may be what you need.

A virtual private server is a full server operating system running in a “virtual container” as part of a dedicated or cloud hardware infrastructure.

These VPS servers can be setup to run as: web servers for hosting a single or multiple web sites, as mail servers, as application servers and more.

A VPS is a middle solution between basic “shared hosting” and having your own “dedicated server”.

Cyanweb Solutions can customise and deploy both Linux and Microsoft based VPS solutions in both traditional dedicated shared or cloud computing environments.

Our solutions are flexible and tailored to your requirements. We can work with your chosen VPS provider and/or provide deployment and management services as needed.

Please contact us with your requirements for detailed pricing or more information.