Joomla! / Drupal to WordPress Conversion



We specialise in WordPress web site development and site conversions to the WordPress platform.

The popularity of WordPress as a web site content management system (CMS) has grown phenomenally over the past few years, with millions of web sites around the world now using WordPress to manage their web site deployments.

As such, we often get asked about upgrading static web sites to WordPress and for assistance migrating over from other CMS software such as Joomla! and Drupal.  These platforms are known to be difficult to upgrade and maintain code against emerging security threats – and can be expensive to maintain over time.

WordPress has evolved into and extremely powerful and flexible content management framework that is both easy to maintain and customisable.

Security patches and software version upgrades are generally easily applied (with some exceptions e.g. major changes to version codebases requires specialist attention).

The WordPress platform can be readily extended with new features via it’s plug-in management system or through custom application development on the platform.

Cyanweb Solutions specialise in rapid application development and system prototyping on the WordPress platform – so if your current Joomla! or Drupal site has custom functionality, it’s highly likely we can replicate it on the WordPress platform both robustly and securely.

Conversion of your site to a WordPress based web site will save you time and money in the long run when compared to other CMS platforms.

If you are currently using Joomla!, Drupal or other CMS and would like to switch to WordPress, talk to us as we can help with a solid conversion and migration plan.

We often perform site improvements and feature additions at the same time for many of our CMS migration clients.

If you require help with migrating your site you can book your site assessment and quote with us below.  There are no sales team here @Cyanweb – just experienced professionals ready to help.

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