FIXED: Copied Outlook 2007 Autofill Error

outlook-autofill_5We recently had a client who migrated their Outlook local account to a different profile and wanted to keep their Outlook 2007 Autofill data as well.

After following the steps to copy the .nk2 to the new profile (link at end), when we tried using auto filled data to send an email there was an incompatible version error – basically the name was shown in the Autofill, but the email address itself was not put in the to field.

To get around this we simply

1) deleted the autofill .nk2 file in the new profile

2) disconnected the PC from the network / internet

3) logged into the new profile

4) created a blank email with BCC to the entire addressbook (previously imported / migrated to the new profile)

5) deleted the email from the Outbox before reconnecting to stop everyone in the addressbook from receiving a blank email.

Sure enough the new .nk2 profile was created with all the BCC users, and when we tested a new email, the Autofill was working as it should.

So if you are having problems with migrating Outlook Autofill data, and if you have the full addressbook of contacts – this should do the trick.

How Microsoft say to do it (which din’t work for us)