Fast, Fault Tolerant Web Site & Application Hosting in the Cloud


Cyanweb Solutions can setup your site for fast, scalable, fault tolerant hosting services for your WordPress web site or online Web Application using AWS Elastic Beanstalk or load balanced server clusters.

$1650 Elastic Beanstalk setup

We setup your Elastic Beanstalk web site or application with
– 2 start servers
– 2 database servers (one read / write – the other read only in case the first one goes down)
– 1 load balancer that spreads traffic between the 2 application servers.
– 1 auto-scaling profile that will spin up additional application servers should you experience high traffic loads.
– WordPress: offload media to static S3 storage bucket (media files)

Elastic Beanstalk can auto scale the number of servers depending on loads – though don’t think you would need more than the 2.

This is an independent site professional setup in the AWS Sydney cloud (Amazon Web Services) specifically for your web site and business.  No network or server resources are shared with any other business or web site.

This assures security and availability with World Class Cloud services at AWS.

Domain DNS is moved to AWS Route 53 and replicated across 4 AWS global DNS servers.

This is all created on your own AWS cloud account so you can view account details, usage and billing.

You pay Amazon directly for your hosting service usage.

We will also run your WordPress site email through Cyanweb’s MailGun, a fault tolerant high deliverability smtp mail service.

Typical Monthly:
AWS fees:  variable depending on actual data / server usage – typically $75 to $150 / month for small to medium sites.
Cyanweb fees: from $110 / month depending on service requirements

Software Included:  WordPress offload media sync

‘Real Cost of Independent Fault Tolerant Hosting’
The costs above are the ‘Budget Real Costs’ for independently hosting your own site with redundancy in the cloud with a world class provider like Amazon Web Services.