eBusiness Planning



If your online presence needs to do more than simply market your existing business, or if you are looking at joining or starting an online venture or “eBusiness” – we can help.

Over the last 18 years we have advised on and developed online business both for ourselves and clients.  Information Technology and online integrations can streamline business processes and expand you business in often over-looked ways.

We provide straight forward analysis and advice based on our accumulated knowledge, dilligent research and opinions that “look at both sides of the coin” in order to assist you to make better informed decisions with your online venture.

We take an informal consultant approach and will be there to answer your questions or raise questions where applicable.  The more you know and the more options, strengths and weaknesses you are aware of, the better chance of success you will have with your eBusiness developments.

Now more than ever, web technologies and software design directly contribute to the success of any business – both online and off-line.

There are often many solutions and technologies available – and some that can save you thousands – if not tens of thousands of dollars in launching an online business venture. We will help you find the right solution to suit your needs at the prototyping, launch, growth and success stages of your project.

Confidentiality is assured and we are more than happy to meet under any reasonable non-disclosure / non-compete agreement you provide.