Dedicated Outbound SMTP Email Services


Cyanweb are partnering with SendGrid to provide increased reliability of mission critical delivery of email for clients who:

1) send more than an average of 100 mission critical emails per day
2) use any type of in-house mailing lists to send bulk email, newsletters or digital marketing mail outs
3) have email based billing / invoice systems where email delivery is mission critical
4) have a customer base who use free email addresses such as / / / etc.
5) have mission critical email notification systems such as password reset / new account emails / eCommerce shop orders etc.

SendGrid’s SMTP mail services are used by some of the worlds largest web sites and organisations to deliver their mission critical emails.

Cyanweb Solutions now offer fully supported SendGrid services from $14.95 / month for up to 40,000 emails / month.

Our dedicated SMTP outbound email services are easy to impliment and can be integrated with web sites and almost any application that needs to send an email.

Please contact us if interested in our dedicated SMTP solutions or if you have any questions at all.