Changing Hosting Providers



Relocating Sites:
Assistance relocating a single cPanel hosted web site to Cyanweb provided Cpanel hosting is generally free.

Please contact us for a quote on relocating sites not already hosted on Cpanel or sites not migrating to Cyanweb servers.

Access Required:
We will usually require full control panel access + ftp access for files + database export access to relocate the web site.

Managing DNS record changes + DNS nameserver pointing is a crucial part of the process and ideally we would have access to these services for each domain as well.

Otherwise, we will co-ordinate any DNS / NAMESERVER changes with your current I.T. administrators.

Reseller Relocation:
If you are relocating multiple domain names / hosting accounts we can assist you with this process.

If you are able to manage any of the transfer processes yourself such as nameserver updates / DNS management let us know as this will reduce costs.

Please contact us if you require any assistance with migrating your web sites.

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