Squirrel mageddon! Squirrel Shooter Extreme!

Just a side project video game for downtime with some friends. Before anyone freaks out about shooting squirrels, this is a video game about an impossible future where Squirrels have become the APEX predator on the planet. We humans are just trying to survive after climate change and the Squirrel Apocalypse has forced us underground for over 100 years… now it’s time to take back the Earth!

Made with the Unreal Engine v4.26.2, this is very much a game development self-learning project. I’ve been making games with Unreal for about 3 years – though this is my first ‘shooter / arcade’ style game. Not content with just making a Squirrel shooter game, and driven forward by people that play also wanting more from the game – this “Squirrel Shooter” has started to evolve into a full fledged RPG-lite game.

Originally launched in October of 2021 – the game is in continual development until it’s time to make Squirrelmageddon 2!


Steam game page link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1470670/Squirrelmageddon/