Click Fraud Detection.

Cyanweb Solutions can help identify and reduce the amount of click fraud affecting your online “Pay Per Click” advertising campaigns.

Sometimes competitors will purposefully click your advertising links to deplete your daily budget and stop your ads from showing.

Other times publishers will click your links in order to try boost their earnings.

To find out if this is happening you need to track your ad clicks and the user’s IP address to see if the same computer / person or group of computers / persons are clicking your advertisements.

Our supplied software system records clicks, creates “fingerprint” profiles of users,  and records the IP address of users clicking on your advertisements. Overtime you can build your data and analyse your click traffic. Multiple clicks from the same fingerprinted user / IP address over a period of time can denote click fraud.

Data gathered from our tracking software will also help support requests for refunds if click fraud is affecting your campaign.

Contact us for more information on our click fraud prevention services.